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Laurel Canyon, Hollywood Hills

Laurel Canyon is a neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills. It was first developed in the 1910's, and became a part of the city of Los Angeles in 1923.

Much like Topanga Canyon, community life is focused on its central thoroughfare, Laurel Canyon Boulevard. Unlike other nearby canyon neighborhoods, Laurel Canyon has houses lining one side of the main street most of the way up to Mulholland Drive. There are many side roads that branch off the main canyon, but most of them are not through streets, reinforcing the self-contained nature of the neighborhood.


The Laurel Canyon area was inhabited by the local Tongva tribe of Native Californians before the arrival of the Spanish. A spring-fed stream that flowed year round provided water. It was that water that attracted Mexican ranchers who established sheep grazing on the hillsides in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. After the Mexican government was ejected, the area caught the attention of Anglo settlers interested in water rights. Around the turn of the 20th century, the area was subdivided and marketed as mountain vacation properties. Continued...


The streets in and around Laurel Canyon include; Ada St., AllenwoodRd., AmorRd., Anthony Cir., Baird Rd., Beech Knoll Rd., Briar Knoll Dr., Briar Summit Dr., Bulwer Dr., Burroughs Rd., Byron Pl., Carmar Pl., Carmar Dr., Cardwell Pl., Charl Pl., Charl Ln., Coreyell Pl., Cornett Dr., Crescent Dr., Davies Way, , Eastwood Rd., Edwin Dr., Edwin Pl., Elrita Dr., W. Elusive Dr.,, Firenze Ave., Firenze Pl., Gould Ave., Greenvalley Rd., Green View Pl., Groveland Dr., Happy Ln., Harlesden Ct., Hemet Pl., Hollywood Hills Rd., Honey Dr., E. Horseshoe Canyon Rd., Horseshoe Canyon Rd., Jewett Dr., Jovenita Canyon Dr., Kew Dr., Kirkwood Dr., Kress St., Laurelmont Dr., Lark Ln., Laurel Canyon Blvd., N. Laurel Canyon Pl., Laurel Pass, Leicester Drive, Lewis Ter., Lookout Mountain Ave., Lulu Glen Dr., Mannix Dr., Mar Lu Dr., McKim Ct., Merrywood Dr., Nash Dr., Oakden Dr., Okean Pl., Okean Ter., Oak Wide Ln., Paulcrest Dr., Reppert Ct., Ridgemont Dr., Ridpath Dr., Robinhood Ln., Rosilla Pl., Rothdell Tr., Rugby Pl., Seattle Dr., Skyline Dr., Skywin Way., Stanley Hills Dr., Sunset Crest Dr., Sunset Crest Pl., Sunset Heights Dr., Tianna Rd., Thames St., Thames Pl., Torreyson Dr., Torreyson Pl., Upper Kress Rd., Utica Dr., Weepah Way., Willow Glen Rd., Wonderland Ave, Wonderland Park Ave., Woodstock Rd., Woodrow Wilson Dr., & Yuma Pl. "You can view recent sales & current available listings by clicking on any of the streets."

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